Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fabric Fest Here I Come!

Oh yeah!  I can't wait to hop the plane and cruise the clouds!  A friend and I are headed for an adventure, a sewist's dream--yes--Fabric Fest!  This is a first annual event where sewists, quilters, crafters, and bloggers will meet to learn and share and, of course, play with fabric.  There will be a good mix of traditional and modern presenters there, which means variety as well as fresh ideas.  What more could anyone who loves fabric ask for?  Well, I do have to admit, m-a-a-a-y-be finding time to play the slots or something of that nature is a must as well.  Even though gambling is adventurous, it really doesn't compete (for me) when it comes to sewing and crafting, and I'm sure my girlfriend will agree.  Right Sharon?

Anyway, on a more serious note, while attending Fabric Fest, attendees have been asked to donate to the Conkerr Cancer charity--a charity supporting families of children with cancer.  Each year their objective is make and donate a specified number of pillowcases to children with cancer, to help bring some comfort and happiness to them.  Participants at Fabric Fest can either bring a homemade pillowcase or make one while there.  My pillowcase is ready and packed.  Here it is just before putting it into the suitcase:

I went gender neutral with primary colors.  Although it was hard to resist making up a pillowcase from all the girlie fabric I have.  Hopefully a boy or girl will enjoy having this on his or her comfy pillow.

Also while at Fabric Fest, I will be taking a workshop on lining garments.  Sounds serious but I'm all about honing my skills and keeping up with techniques to teach.  On the lighter side of things, we'll be making and lining a little girls dress so for me that will be fun and delightful.

Okay - I'm headed west - will check in upon my return.


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