Thursday, November 15, 2012

Warm and Cozy

As the Holidays approach, I find that I have a multitude of projects to do and want to do but only a short amount of time to get them completed.  Christmas is only 40 days away!  Can you believe it?   I do keep in mind that most of my projects are self-imposed; yet and still I wouldn't have it any other way.   I've got to keep it mov'n--"live life to the fullest" is my motto.  My To Do list  includes Christmas gifts (quilts of course), other generic projects for the home, and quilting or sewing for those requested by others.  Oh and I forgot to mention I'd like to try and fit in a small project or two that will allow me to learn a few new techniques.

Anyway, what I'm currently working on is a warm and cozy quilt for a very important person for whom I will not name.  This person has a very generous spirit and always looks out for others.  I will stop with the description for now as I don't want to give it away.  The quilt will be a gift--not a Christmas gift--and it's quite a departure from my style and color selection, and it is very masculine.  I've almost finished piecing it and the colors are very, very subdued.  Some might even think drab.  BUT because this person is not at all pretentious or showy and enjoys the outdoors, I'm thinking that this is what he would prefer.  At least I hope so?!?  Gifts can be tricky sometimes - especially when giving to someone who least expects it - shhhhh!

Okay so here's a peek:

In case you're not able to pick up the colors from the pictures, each block has various shades of grey, hunter green, cream, beige, black, and if you look closely (in person), a small hint of navy.  I've used various fabric textures including flannel.  This design is adapted from Amy Ellis' Twisted Bars quilt design in her book Modern Basics . . . copyright 2011.  I still have borders to add and then you know the rest . . .

Once this project is finished and given to the unsuspecting recipient, I will share photos once again and reveal his name.  Until then, Chow! 


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sewing Studio Pictures - The Finale'

Since my sewing studio has been up and running for a little over two months and now that friends and family have been by to see it, I thought I would share photos of my studio fully furnished and decorated, if you will.  With the finishing touches it now feels comfortable and cozy, yet it also fits the bill as a work environment.  I am one happy quilter! 

Now for the tour . . . come on in!

You are entering my creative space -

As you walk past the wall quilt (seen above), if you look to your right, this is the student area (photo below).  There is a table with casters used for student sewing and for fabric cutting and crafts.  I can roll it out when pinning my quilts too.  As you can see, I've added storage beneath for fabric (center) and storage for students to be able to keep their sewing supplies on either side.  I painted and made seat pads for the stools I found at a thrift store - aren't they cute?!

Here's the straight view . . .

Next if you look to the left of the students' workstation, you will see my little blackboard, which comes quite handy for reminders and teaching young students.

Then as you keep turning toward your left, this is my sitting area.  I use it for hand sewing and watching tutorials or general TV viewing.  Hubby joins me now and then when I sew in the evenings.

Next is the space where I sew.  My sewing machine is on the table in the center where I also cut smaller fabric pieces, press seams, and quilt.  I also store more fabric and batting underneath.  My clock and my favorite saying, "Sewing mends the soul" is displayed over the large horizontal window on the main wall.  I also have been sewing quite a bit lately so there are baskets of scraps on the floor.  LOL

Here's a close-up of the saying. 

I've got my serger tucked in the corner with all its supplies, along with a small display of fabrics on a chest just to the left of it.  Also when I need to press seams, all I have to do is grab my board and iron and place it on the center table.  My husband installed outlets everywhere so I can either plug the iron in the floor outlet or in any wall outlet close by.

Because this originally was an attic space there are lots of nooks and crannies, so taking a picture of the entire room from one angle is close to impossible.  So if you can visualize it, if I'm sitting at my sewing machine, to my right, behind me is the office/craft area.

Now we're back to the entrance and have viewed the entire room.  (To the left in the picture just above you can see part of the door frame where we entered.)  So I hope you enjoyed the final tour, and I enjoyed having you.

As you know, holiday sewing is underway, along with quilt guild projects, so you'll be hearing from me on those topics in the upcoming weeks.   Oh and I'd love for you to post comments--I would love to hear from you, or you send me links to your creative spaces - I would love to see them.  Sharing organization, storage, and decorating ideas is great fun!