Saturday, January 5, 2013

Entertaining Spaghetti Bibs?

I will be hosting a Bunko party next Wednesday, and I am planning to serve spaghetti and meatballs.  Because of the spill factor involved, I thought it would be nice to offer the ladies bibs so they could avoid sauce stains on their garments.  Initially, I thought about disposable bibs (aka lobster bibs) but found that you have to order them on line and I didn't come up with the idea until now.  (That's cutting it too close.)  Bibs for this purpose just aren't readily available in the Midwest.  There are a few options but they are only sold in packages of 2 for $14.99 and are really nice, but when you are considering 11 guests--12 including me, it becomes a matter of deciding if I really want to make such an investment for a single occasion?  I just was wanting to show consideration while allowing my girlfriends to enjoy their meals.  During my on-line search, however, I came across two interesting things:  1) about how controversial it is to offer bibs at a spaghetti dinner. See Yahoo Answers: and 2) a cute picture of a pasta bib someone had made. 

 Light bulb!  I think I might make them, with slight modifications however.  For example, I would make ties in stead of straps and the design on front won't be nearly as elaborate.  If any of the Bunko B's--I mean girls--elect to not use them at dinner, then they will still have a small gift to take home with them.  A small memento of the occasion!

So what do you think?  Would you be offended if your host offered guests a bib at the dinner you were attending?  If so, why?  Also, would you, if you were me, just offer the customary napkin and call it a day--even if you had the time and resources?  Curious minds want to know.


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  2. I wouldn't be offended if I was offered a bib, especially for something as messy a spagetti. I think is great idea for your guest.

  3. Turns out that the bibs were well received. I'll be posting about it shortly and thank you, Andrea, so much for commenting and sharing your point of view.

  4. Hey, Denise! I'm just now seeing this post, and it's really fun! I would ABSOLUTELY offer my guests a bib! I think it's a fun restaurant-style touch and that people would have fun with it! It's like when you're eating just helps keep your clothes clean! I think it's even MORE fun when the guests are allowed to take the bib home as a souvenir of the evening! Great idea!!!

  5. Thanks Alycia! That was a fun night! We had a blast and they were tickled about their bibs.


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