Thursday, November 15, 2012

Warm and Cozy

As the Holidays approach, I find that I have a multitude of projects to do and want to do but only a short amount of time to get them completed.  Christmas is only 40 days away!  Can you believe it?   I do keep in mind that most of my projects are self-imposed; yet and still I wouldn't have it any other way.   I've got to keep it mov'n--"live life to the fullest" is my motto.  My To Do list  includes Christmas gifts (quilts of course), other generic projects for the home, and quilting or sewing for those requested by others.  Oh and I forgot to mention I'd like to try and fit in a small project or two that will allow me to learn a few new techniques.

Anyway, what I'm currently working on is a warm and cozy quilt for a very important person for whom I will not name.  This person has a very generous spirit and always looks out for others.  I will stop with the description for now as I don't want to give it away.  The quilt will be a gift--not a Christmas gift--and it's quite a departure from my style and color selection, and it is very masculine.  I've almost finished piecing it and the colors are very, very subdued.  Some might even think drab.  BUT because this person is not at all pretentious or showy and enjoys the outdoors, I'm thinking that this is what he would prefer.  At least I hope so?!?  Gifts can be tricky sometimes - especially when giving to someone who least expects it - shhhhh!

Okay so here's a peek:

In case you're not able to pick up the colors from the pictures, each block has various shades of grey, hunter green, cream, beige, black, and if you look closely (in person), a small hint of navy.  I've used various fabric textures including flannel.  This design is adapted from Amy Ellis' Twisted Bars quilt design in her book Modern Basics . . . copyright 2011.  I still have borders to add and then you know the rest . . .

Once this project is finished and given to the unsuspecting recipient, I will share photos once again and reveal his name.  Until then, Chow! 


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