Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Gift For My Grandson

Yesterday, my grandson had his sixth birthday!  Family and friends gathered to celebrate with our youngest family member - Tyler.  We all had a wonderful time watching his excitement about the fact that he is now six years old.  Along with the customary birthday events of a favorite meal (pizza in his case), eating cake and ice cream, and the opening of gifts, he received one special gift that involved a great deal of thought and preparation. Yes, I made him a quilt.  Believe it or not, he requested one.  And at six, I thought surely that action figures and cars would be his focus, although he got those too.  What was most awesome about making this quilt was he also collaborated in the creation of it.  His quilt had Sonic the Hedgehog on it, and the design was inspired from a few of his Sonic Wii games.  Although he checked and provided input throughout the development, he didn't get to see the finished product until his actual birthday.  I even purchased a special yellow box for storing it when not in use or when interest in Sonic wains.  Hopefully, the box will help preserve his keepsake for many, many years.

While opening gifts, he kept running up to the big yellow box until his mother handed it to him to finally open.  When he opened it, you would have thought that he had never seen it before--he was jumping up and down with excitement.  The gratification that resulted from watching that moment was priceless to me--one I'll never forget, along with the fact that he took the time at 5/6 years of age to share his ideas with me.

I love you Tyler!


  1. Hi, Denise, and congratulations on your blog!!! I am so proud of you and happy for you!!!! I am also in awe of your tremendous talent. I remember your ability to sew, but I had no idea you were THIS talented!!!!!! It takes patience (I have none of that, so I EXTRA admire you!) and skill to create something like this fabulous quilt for Tyler! It's so cute that he actually requested it! Best wishes for many years of happy blogging!!!!

  2. Thanks Alycia. Remember any advice or tips you can share are always welcome.

  3. Oh, my goodness, Denise, this is an incredible quilt! I will definitely show it to Oliver who will be very interested. Hopefully, he won't ask me to make one, though, as I'm in the midst of making batman quilts for both him and his brother!! Congrats!

  4. Thank you Carla! I appreciate the kind words, especially from someone whose work I really admire. Have a wonderful 4th!

  5. Yes very well done! Know he is thoroughly enjoying

  6. He loves it! He has an old soul in that I was surprised how well he takes care of it for as young as he is.


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