Thursday, December 25, 2014

Crafting in Every Direction

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Since the last time I've posted, I have had the opportunity to accomplish a lot of fun things.  Many of which will not be posted as this would be way too much.  As I may have mentioned though, this January (2014) I launched a quilting program at the Senior Center.  Even though I started out with seven enthusiastic quilters, six stayed the course and others came and went over the course of the year.  My classes are offered four times a month, about once a week.  The majority of the quilters were dead set on quilting their quilts by hand but after members of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild presented their lovely quilts and I had shown them the quilts I had made by machine, they were sold on learning this new technique, at least new to them.  Their first assignment was a table topper.  Here's the one I used as an example:

 and here's one that one of the seniors finished.

This student completed hers in early summer and is currently working on a baby quilt for an expecting relative.  I could go on an on but I won't .

I also squeezed in time to make a modern quilt for exhibit with the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild at the Kansas City Star.   This is it - I named it Chexies over Hexies.

Aside from quilting classes and quilting and teaching sewing lessons at home, I am lucky enough to have a job that allows use of creativity in the arts and crafts realm, so I get to cover a lot of areas, and I plan a multitude of parties throughout the year as well.  I design and hand make centerpieces (30 for each party), make and purchase decorations, plan games, and assist with planning the refreshments.  Just recently, we had two Christmas parties:  The first was for the seniors' grandchildren and the second one was for the seniors only.  This is the centerpiece I made for the seniors only party.  The challenge, however, is working with a very limited budget but I make it happen . . . usually $30 or so and the use of many coupons to make this happen.  Crazy I know!

I also put up for raffle a lap-size rag quilt that I personally made this fall. (I actually made two but I'm keeping one of them.)  It was included as part of the activities at the Christmas party.   All the money earned is going to arts and crafts supplies at the senior center.  Here it is:

The new owner of the quilt was very excited, but watching her walk away with it made me sort of melancholy.  I got over it though.

My newest project is Art Journaling with the seniors.  This is a blast and I will have to post some of their creations at a later date.  Until then, enjoy the rest of the evening and Happy New Year!

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