Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ready for Pick Up!

My latest quilt, Dress Form Silhouette, is finished as of today and my customer will be picking it up on Friday.  I'm excited and I believe she is too.

Since I last posted, quilting, binding, and making the quilt label was all that was left to do, but schedule differences seemed to be the most challenging aspect in completing the project.  You see, she works evenings and because of this there was a considerable amount of waiting in between email and text messages for customer input and/or approval of the remaining tasks.
Because my client wanted a soft feel to the quilt, I did minimal quilting--only outlining the blocks and borders--and then I made a simple quilt label.  The label acknowledges the recipient's service and mention is also made of  my client's design input.  My customer found this idea rather amusing but facts are facts; it's a custom quilt and she provided input along the way.  The collaboration was a lot of fun and being a part of such a special acknowledgment made this project very rewarding.

Here's a close-up of the front:

Here's the back:

Here's the quilt label:

And here's a closer view of the quilting:

The recipient will certainly enjoy the softness and comfort while reading, watching television, or working on her own sewing projects.

Now on to a quilt for my daughter . . .


  1. Beautiful, Denise! I love the colors and the design. Mylan, huh? That's wild! Well, she has herself a beautiful quilt now! You really have a special talent!!!

  2. Thanks Alycia! Yes, Mylan was very instrumental in providing input on the color scheme and design of the quilt after seeing options I put together from my quilt design software. I, then, carried out her wishes. As mentioned in my post, the quilt was intended for a lady who started Meals on Wheels at their church and I believe it was given to her yesterday. Collaborating was a lot of fun because of the sharing of ideas and then making it come to fruition--you can't beat that.


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