Monday, February 11, 2013

Pincushions Swap

Aah pincushions!  I don't know about you but I love pincushions.  As far as I'm concerned, pincushions are the next best thing to making quilts.  Why?  Because of many things:

1) they are useful

2) they are often quick to make

3) they can offer inspiration

4) they can reflect a person's interest (e.g., if you love frogs)

5) they can make people smile

6) they offer safety and organization

7) they are decorative

8) they are soft

9) they can capture moods, personality, and imagination, and

10) can be a collectible

I probably could go on an on --but you get the "point".  (Sorry I couldn't resist.)

Anyway, when Alyssa Lichner over at Pile O'Fabric and the facilitator of our Block of the Month group suggested to those going to QuiltCon that we meet for dinner while there and do a swap, we all agreed and voted on what type of swap we wanted to do.  Our decision was pincushions after a majority vote.  (So it seems I am amongst good company.)

Well, going through the patterns I already had didn't do a thing for me this time, so I, once again, started searching the internet and found a Woodland Cottage Pincushion by The Cottage Mama that I just had to make.  Lindsay, who actually lives in a cottage, is the designer and her creations are warm and fresh.  She also shares recipes, home entertaining ideas, and home and clothing items on her blog: and, if you like, check out her patterns on

Since my pincushion is ready for the swap next week, I just had to show it to you.  Below is a picture of the pincushion from Lindsay's blog --a free patttern by the way -- and next to it is my finished pincushion with a slight variation.


I just hope that whoever receives it, enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Do you like pincushions?  Is there one you received or made that has sentimental value or is particularly special?  If so, why?  Pincushion lovers such as myself would love for you to take a moment to comment.


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  1. How fun, I like your bigger door. Looking forward to meeting you!


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