Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Back from QuiltCon - My Recap

QuiltCon was just what I hoped it would be and more!  Having the opportunity to be surrounded by fellow quilt lovers and quilts crafted by so many talented quilters was surreal.  The quilt conference was filled with artists of every scope and level and the creativity that was exhibited was astounding to say the least.  Noted designers such as Amy Butler and Denyse Schmidt (two of many presenters) provided insight into their design processes;  Mary Fons and Jacquie Gering, among others, offered their expertise in quilt piecing, etc.; Angela Walters shared her exemplary free motion quilting techniques and discussed (with a panel of publishers) the publishing process to all who were lucky enough to get into their lectures and workshops.  There was also a vast array of booths featuring published authors who many deem as celebrities in the world of quilting and fabric arts--a few of them, I am proud to say, are from our very own Guild (the KCMQG).  And two of our members won cash prizes for their quilts; I believe I can speak for the members of our Guild that we're very happy for them and proud of their talents and for representing Kansas City (MO and Kansas) too.  There were also manufacturers and designers exhibiting glorious fabrics, patterns, books, notions, irons, threads, yarns, templates, fabric cutting machines, sewing machines, and long-arm and mid-arm machines.  Demonstrations were ongoing throughout the day every day of the four-day event, offering tips and information from understanding grain of fabric to making optimal use of your sewing machine.  It was literally a quilter's paradise!

The Modern Quilt Guild has now formally introduced itself to the world--being that this was an inaugural event--showcasing what "modern" quilting is all about, and being a part of this phenomenon was truly amazing and inspirational.

Here is a glimpse of a few of the quilts that caught my eye.

To view more photos and read about the quilters and what inspired them, check them out on and type "QuiltCon" in the search box.  The pictures and write-ups there are far superior and truly give them the justice they deserve.

Another highlight for me was meeting a few people I've met online.  Alyssa Lichner from Pile O'Fabric, who is also a web designer by trade and the facilitator of the Skill Builder BOM (Block of the Month) online that is currently ongoing. I also participated in a pincushion swap with some members of the BOM while there, and I briefly met and chatted with Nicole Neblett, blogger of Mama Love Quilts, who entered a quilt (or two) and was recognized as well - go Nicole!  Best of all, I got to get to know members from my Guild a little better and that made this event even more special.

Oh my, this week was a blast and with this being the first conference of its kind, I can only imagine what 2015's conference will offer.  I'm already anticipating bigger and better--because we're a growing community sharing creativity!  What else would there be to expect?

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  1. "Quilt piercing." Hmmmm...I'll have to look that term up. You KNOW I know nothing! Hooray for your guild members who won the cash prizes!! Wow! That's neat! I never thought about there being so many aspects to consider (threads, kinds of machines, etc.) when it comes to quilting. That could get really expensive!!! All of that coupled with the time wonder quilts aren't cheap!!! I loved looking at the photos of some of the quilts here. Those are so cool!!! I can only imagine what kind of time and expertise it takes to create something like these!!! The bar code one was REALLY cool!!!!!! Glad you're back and glad you had a great time! So sorry you had to come back to KC to this mess. I'm sure Austin's weather was MUCH better than this!!!!!!!


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