Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pasta Bibs - Take 2!

As some of you know, a couple months ago, I made pasta bibs for a spaghetti dinner I hosted for Bunko Night at my house.  I received such positive reactions that I thought I would provide a tutorial.  By the way, my Bunko group is having our monthly get-together at another member's house tonight and I want to mention that from time to time we also do other social activities together as well as contribute to charities.  Tonight, in addition to playing Bunko, all of the members are bringing items for gift baskets we're making for an upcoming Parkinson's Foundation Fundraiser.  One of the baskets we're making is a Pasta Basket.  My contribution will be two pasta bibs and a few other items, so I'm also taking advantage of the time put into making these by sharing with you how I made them.  These bibs are a little more refined than the initial set of 12 I made.  My initial set was nice but due to time constraints, I didn't add the touches I would have liked, and another factor is I only had to make two of them this time.

Here is a picture of my latest version:

Now for the Tutorial!  Note:  Instructions are for making one bib - so duplicate actions when making two.  Fabric amounts listed below are for at least two bibs--dining for two that is.   Consider additional fabrics and supplies when making more.  

Supplies Needed:

- Large Cutting Mat

- Rotary Cutter - 45 mm

- small scissors

- seam ripper (just in case)

- 6" x 24" ruler

- Round the Corner Template by June Tailor or round dessert plate

- Fabric 1 - Bottom panel - 1 1/2 yds. of 44"/45" 100% cotton fabric - your color choice (I used gold  background Italian themed novelty print.)

- Fabric 2 - Top panel - 2/3 yd. 44"/45" 100% cotton fabric - your color choice (I used abstract plaid -   matching colors to bottom panel)

- 1 1/2 yds. Cotton lanyard - white or color of your choice

- 1 Sew-In Color Fast Fabric Sheet for InkJet Printers (I used June Tailor Brand - 8 1/2" x 11") 100% cotton and washable

- Image or graphic selected from your computer to go with pasta theme.  See example:


- Sewing machine (and serger if available but not necessary)

- iron and ironing board

- fabric safe marking pen

- See sewing supplies:

Instructions - (Note: sew fabric pieces using 3/8" seam allowance)

1) Using a cutting mat and a rotary cutter - cut the following fabric pieces:

 - 18 3/4" x width of fabric (44"/45" wide) for bottom panel-Fabric 1
 -   7 3/4" x width of fabric (44"/45" wide) for top panel-Fabric 2
 -   2" x width of fabric (44"/45" wide) strip for facing at top panel-Fabric 2
 -   1 1/2" yds. lanyard cut in half - (reserve other piece for a second bib)

2)  Take bottom panel and fold right sides together length-wise meeting raw edges.  Place Round the Corner Template (large side) or dessert plate at one end at raw edges and mark round edge.  Rotary cut around template or use scissors and follow marking if using plate to round edge.

3)  Open bottom panel and place top panel fabric and bottom panel fabric right sides together - sew together at opposite side of curved bottom panel.  Then either serge (using three threads), zigzag, or overcast seam to finish.

4)   At raw edge of top panel place markings approximately 5 to 6 1/2" in from both sides at top and place lanyard (which is now 18") in horseshoe fashion (curve toward you) and raw edges meeting top raw edge of  fabric -with each end at markings and secure.  Then place the 2" facing piece wrong side up on top.  (Layers should be:  top panel facing up, lanyard next, then facing wrong side up - all pinned and ready for stitching.  Now take layers over to the sewing machine and stitch all layers together.  Note:  back stitch 1 or 2 times over sections where lanyard was placed and continue stitching entire seam straight across - no need to back stitch at either end of seam at this point.

5)  Turn facing over to back of top panel and press.  Next top stitch front panel and facing (which is now behind front panel) in place.  Lanyard should be free and dangling.  Pick up bib by lanyard and determine its center position and cut with scissors at center point.  Knot both ends of lanyard - you now have ties for the bib.

6)  Print computer image onto Sew-In Fabric Sheet according to manufacturer's directions.  Fold bib in half  lengthwise and finger press to determine center position.  Cut label to 3" to 4" square or size appropriate   for image you've selected and place image label on top panel at center, center position and machine applique or hand applique in place.  (I did machine applique.)

7)  Now you're at the final stretch!   Three-thread serge or overcast stitch around the sides and bottom of entire bib.  Dot Fray Check at beginning and end of serged/overcast stitching.  (Final stitching around the perimeter will reinforce all previous stitching where no back stitching was required.)

Your bib(s) is/are ready to use during a wonderful pasta dinner!  Enjoy!!!


This bib is simple to make so don't let the length of the instructions make you think twice about making it.  I just wanted to be as clear and as detailed as possible.  Any feedback or comments regarding this tutorial are welcome.  Please post whether you choose to make the bib or not--I'd love to hear from you.

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