Sunday, February 3, 2013

SCROLL - My Madrona Road Challenge Quilt

My quilt is now bound and ready for show for our guild meeting on Thursday.  Before I go into detail about my quilt, I do want to apologize to my non-quilting friends for not explaining the Madrona Road Challenge in my previous post.  The Madrona Road Challenge was presented to guild members to make a quilt using Madrona Road fabric, which is a fabric line designed by Violet Craft and sponsored by Michael Miller.  The criteria for this particular challenge is to use this fabric (and other Michael Miller fabric if needed) and take a traditional block and incorporate it in your quilt using a modern aesthetic.  The traditional quilt block has to be somewhere in or on  the quilt, and it can be placed on your backing.  In my case I chose to add my traditional log cabin block on my backing shown in the second photo.

Photo 1 - Front - 

Photo 2 - Back -

Inspiration for my quilt came from a combination of the modern block I found on called the Hexing Around Block and my love of visual effects--scrolls--in this case--because of the movement they create.  There are quite a few visual effects on line, and I found a falling hearts scroll that gave me the idea to make my hexi-logs appear to be scrolling in an up-&-down fashion.  So this is how SCROLL came to be.

Hearing about how someone comes up with a design idea and sees it through is fascinating to me.  Please comment and share how you came about designing a creation of your own. 

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