Saturday, April 6, 2013

Denim and Ruffles

Several days ago, a mother of one of my students presented to me her slight dismay concerning her daughter only showing interest in sewing doll clothes.  Her daughter who is 10 and about to approach that in-between stage--you know--the stage that's too old for dolls and too young for boys, is still holding on to those final days of baby doll love.  So to encourage her to venture in other directions, I've decided to make her a skirt and show her the possibilities of what she could make (although they would be simpler designs for now).  So this is my gift to her - a gift of encouragement, incentive, and a diversion all in one!   I don't think I'll have a problem, though, getting her to shift gears once she sees this:
Front view - 
 pleated white denim floral skirt with a yellow under-ruffle and a yellow & lavender tie at waist

Back view

 yoke waist and zipper

What do you think?
My plan now is that she'll alternate making clothes for her and her doll, or make coordinating outfits as suggested by my friend and guild member, Shea.  Thanks Shea!

I'll let you all know how this goes over in the next couple of days.  She'll see it at class tomorrow afternoon.  Wish me luck.

Happy Saturday!



  1. This skirt is "sew" cute! Great idea too! I'm anxious to hear about her reaction.

  2. Thank you! She loved the skirt!

  3. Oh, yeah! That's really cute! And I think the idea to have her make "Mommy & Me" outfits for herself and her dolls will be a real winner!

  4. I think she'll enjoy sporting look-alike outfits with her doll. Thanks for stopping by.


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