Sunday, April 7, 2013

We're Gonna Make Real Clothes!

I mentioned in my previous post that I would share my student's reaction after she received my gift.  She was so surprised and excited, and she loved the skirt!  I am also happy to share that after she finishes her current project, which is a carrier for her doll, she'll be making a skirt for herself and other articles of clothing not yet determined.  This is just what I had hoped!  And to every one's delight, she'll not only be learning more techniques, she'll be making some things that are a bit more functional and practical.  I'm sure her Mom will be pleased when she starts seeing some spring and summer garments coming home with her daughter.  Mission accomplished! 


  1. RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!! That is so great! I know it must really give you a great sense of satisfaction that she so enjoyed your generous gift as well as to know that your teaching has not been in vain! (The neighbor who was teaching me to sew just threw up her hands and called time of death on me trying to sew!!! :-) I was HORRIBLE at it!) Hooray for you AND your student!!!!

  2. That is amazing. I don't sew, but I can definitely shop. I just bought some new spring clothes for my kids at Burlington. I found such great discounts at I saved over $100 on my purchases.

  3. Thank you Laurabeth. I love shopping too--especially hunting for bargains. I'll have to check out their site. It's obvious that I enjoy sewing as well. By the way, and, if I may: If any of your kids are ever interested in sewing, encourage them to pursue it. It's a life skill that is useful as well as a creative outlet. And thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment--your comments and visits are always appreciated.


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