Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's Been Awhile

I hope all has been well with everyone!  I haven't posted in awhile as I am sure you've noticed.  My household has been very busy of late and things are starting to settle down a bit - yeah!   Even though I haven't posted, I've still been busy sewing.  Since I last dropped in, I've made window treatments for my daughter's new home and have volunteered at my grandson's school and helped with making pillows for a senior citizen's home.   All while these things were going on, in the back of my mind I knew I had volunteered to participate in another swap at the quilting guild for which I am a member.  The guild didn't specify what we were to make this time, but it couldn't be a pincushion, or a mug rug, or potholders.  Initially I thought about making a wristlet, and I did -

Although it was fun to make and has some nice detail, being zippered and pleated and colorful and all, but it just didn't really seem fitting for a quilter.  So I wracked my brain trying to come up with something . . . but it wasn't until yesterday, after scouring over blogs and websites, that I found something that gave me inspiration.  I happened to have taken a look at Martha Stewart's site and found this:

The above is a very simple sewing machine cover made with a tea towel and some purchased ties.  So I took the idea and ran with it.  I selected fabric from my own stash and measured and wrote down the dimensions of  my sewing machine and began cutting and piecing and sewing.  Here's my version:

My version (cover) is quilted within the pieced border of triangles and rectangles; I made my own ties, and have added beads at the bottom for embellishment.  Even though my gift is simple and understated, I feel so much better about it.  It's colorful and the print fabric I selected does have a sewing motif of buttons and various sewing notions.  The swap is tomorrow - wish me luck.

I'm so happy to post again--it's been too long.  Until next time!



  1. I have been intending to make a machine cover for over a year now but have never gotten around to it. You are the inspiration I needed to get off of my tush and just do it!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Regina, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Funny thing is, I haven't made one for my machine yet. This project was so much fun, however, I'll be squeezing in another one in between upcoming projects.

  2. It sure HAS been too long, but I totally understand! That silly little thing called "Life" gets in the way at every turn! :-)

    What a cute and thoughtful gift!!! I like the way it complements the chair seat! The recipient will no doubt be pleased as punch! I thought the little pouch was cute, too, but the sewing machine cover really does hit the nail on the head where a quilter is concerned...unless they're making a ton of money on their quilts and need an extra place to stash the cash! :-) :-) :-)

    Welcome back!!!

  3. I'm glad you like the gift. It seems I'm one of those individuals that come up with ideas under pressure. I do it every time. I can have several weeks notice and draw a blank. Then at the eleventh hour I come up with the idea or discover something I like well enough to make. Oh well - I was still able to check it off my "To Do" list. Thanks for stopping by.


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