Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's Done!

Today the carpet was installed, which marks the completion of the attic renovation--now my sewing studio.  While this was fantastic in itself, what was more delightful was that my husband surprised me by taking off work to spend the day with me.  He moved in furniture and helped move in some of my sewing supplies and equipment.  We also hung pictures and my "welcome" quilt and a quilt rack.  We had lots of fun even though we worked the entire day.  And some time in the midst of all of this, I told him that while I love the sewing studio, spending time together like this was really, really nice.  Yes, we have become one of those couples that gets caught up in taking care of the day-to-day obligations or whatever life sends your way and before you know it, it's time to go to bed.  Taking the time out for each other seems far too seldom anymore, even though we do see each other every day and do things as a couple on occasion.  Putting family and external demands aside to spend quality time allows feelings of mutual appreciation; I know it did for us today.

I am so thankful for the loving, supportive, and talented man that is my husband and the father of my children.  Thank you for the selfless hours you put into making my sewing studio a reality.  I only hope my sewing will produce gifts that demonstrate at least a fraction of the love you have, then I will consider myself  a successful sewer/quilter.

I have many things yet to move in, including my sewing machine and serger, but I just can't wait any longer--here is my sewing studio!

 As you walk in - to the left is my decoupaged dresser, cutting table, and quilt rack.

Here's a close-up of the dresser - I still need to put knobs back on but I've already started filling it with my fabric stash.

We've placed his & her recliners in the northwest corner so hubby can join me and watch TV while I do hand sewing.

I have shelving in the northeast corner which stores my coffee maker and eventually snacks to offer my sewing students.  I still have to hang a chalkboard on the bare wall just to the left.

My storage cabinet and decorative dress forms are to the right and the table is to be for a sewing student, and another picture still needs to be hung.

The nook on the south wall will be used as an office and will also house more sewing and some scrapbook supplies.

My track lighting - a view of the main ceiling running south to north.  I'm standing on the south end taking this picture.  Track lighting is also above my cutting table (shown above).

When I have my sewing machine, serger, remaining fabric, and notions in place, I will post the last and final pictures.  My husband did a great job - don't you agree?

I'm now running on low fumes so I am going for now but I am looking forward to sharing more.  Good night and happy sewing!

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