Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Waiting with Great Anticipation . . .

Well it seems it has been a long time since I've last posted.  As you know, my husband and I have been doing a lot of work since July 4th.  The attic is almost complete with about two weeks to go.  We are now working on trim and then next it will be the carpet and then the heating & cooling unit installation (wiring for it has already been done), and then the "MOVE IN" of all my sewing accoutrements.  While my husband, Ray, has done the entire job essentially--along with my helping here and there--I've also been working on a mini wall quilt to display upon entering my studio. I wanted it to be a simple welcome so here's the pieced top:

I wanted to display something other than the traditional image of a sewing machine, although I was very tempted because what good are we in this day and time without one?  "I have the need for speed!" so my sewing machine is quite essential.

Anyway, I can't wait for you to see everything once it's done!  To give you some idea as to where I'm going with this, the color scheme will be Cozy Cottage (a beige tone) for the walls; Sea Salt (off white) for the ceiling and trim; Bonfire (orange) and Marina Isle (dusty aqua) for accents such as storage pieces and tables.  There will also be a little black for hardware and metal pieces, although this will be minimal.  Don't you get a kick out of the names given for paint colors?

The fabric in the forefront is what I've chosen for the stools I'm covering.  This piece was my color inspiration for the studio.  The fabric behind it picks up the deeper orange tones and aquas and has a sewing theme so I will be putting it to good use but I haven't decided exactly where at this point.

I've also been hunting for items at thrift stores and found this dresser; I've just painted it the Marina Isle color and want to decoupage the top with black and beige paper - wish me luck!  This should make for great fabric and supply storage.  Got this for $26!

I also found wall shelving that I still need to paint.  Got it for $6!


I know I've promised pictures of the actual attic renovation process and they will be coming.  They are just on my husband's camera and I will need to locate his USB cord to send them to my computer.  This will be something to look forward to in the next day or so.  Until then, enjoy whatever project you are working on - I'd love to see them as well.

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