Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ready for Action!

As I promised, I'm sharing the last group of pictures of my room.  The sewing and serger machines are set up and ready to go and so am I.

Here's the office section already filled to the brim.

The sewing machine is front and center, along with the serger and iron/ironing board to the left and back.

Shown below - to the right of the cutting table are books, fabrics, threads, and my completed quilts.

Again, here's the sitting area -  dolls are sitting in my chairs waiting to greet.

I found this glass jar lamp and filled it with old spools of thread.

I've got my TV, coffee maker, and snacks set up in anticipation of many hours of sewing--for my sewing students as well as me.

Over the last couple of days, I came across this handcrafted pine table that I thought would work great for crafts as well as for students to sew on--so there has already been a change.  (LOL)

We're back at the entrance.

All that is left is to put away a few stray boxes.  Tomorrow I will actually be back to sewing!  While it has been an adventure, I'm ready to put this room to good use.  I have window treatments to make and a quilt to make for a client, which is due by the end of September.   Thank you for stopping by.

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