Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Rush with Kyla

As adults, we seldom go through the Holidays without experiencing some bit of stress and anxiety due to the many, many things that are required of us because we are employees and/or heads of our households.  We especially feel the demands of the Holidays when we're attending school programs, church events, going to dinners, and hosting our own gatherings.  But during the hustle bustle, we sometimes forget that our children experience their own little stresses.  Given their stresses may be "pint size" in the scheme of things, they are stresses nonetheless.

Last night, I was working with my sewing student, Kyla, who is working fervently to finish making her Christmas gifts.  I realized then, and maybe before then, that kids want to achieve and succeed and accomplish and please to the point of challenging themselves just like adults.  Kyla is 10 and developed an interest in sewing at 8.  She's creative, ambitious, and enjoys sewing, and she always looks forward to the next project.  Kyla is in her second session (year) of sewing with me, which obviously involves more of her input about things she would like to make.  When Kyla came to me and told me that she wanted to make Christmas gifts this year, I was thrilled.  Then Kyla showed me her list.  I thought to myself--this girl is ambitious given the times we meet per week and the duration of our class--plus school, sports, student council, etc., etc.  Her list included every member of her immediate family, grandparents, an aunt, her teacher, and her best friend.  Well, I'm not one to squelch enthusiasm, so I spoke with her mother about her daughter's proposal/project, and we agreed to increase visits to the studio to make this happen.  She would, of course,  also have to work on these projects at home. 

So last night while we were working together, I stopped and watched and realized that Kyla at age 10 is already doing what we adults do--doing as much as we can--sometimes because we have to AND sometimes because we want to--in order to achieve and to please--ourselves as well as others.  GOALS are what they are--not a bad thing but it can be stressful!  LOL.  Her mother and I are delighted that she's taken to the art and craft of sewing, but more importantly that she's giving from her heart while doing so.

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