Thursday, December 27, 2012

Giving to Someone Who Sews

Recently I participated in a Pincushion Swap through the quilt guild for which I belong and it was so much fun.  Members who participated made their creations and swapped with members from our guild in Canada.  Sewist and non-sewists alike know all to well that making something with your hands is very special, not only because of the skill involved but because of the time invested.  So we all felt special giving and receiving.

Yesterday, I made a sewing caddy with matching pincushion for Kyla, who officially turned 10 today.  For those who are new to my blog, Kyla is my sewing student and is an up and coming sewist that has just come to understand the added dimension of gift giving as a result of making and creating with her own hands.  So because of my fun experience with the recent swap that I was a part of, I thought it would be nice to give her something hand-sewn and hopefully she would be just as delighted.

Kyla's home sewing space takes up a corner of her bedroom and the color scheme of her room is purple and aqua with zebra accents throughout.  I happened to have had some fabric with a dress form motif that also picks up some of the colors of her room and her sewing desk, which is also purple.  This should work out quite well?

The pattern I used was from a tutorial at but the picture below is my slight variation of the pattern (the pincushion is slightly larger and different and securely pinned on instead of clipped on).

 She will be getting her gift this evening; I hope she will like it.   I can already see it on her desk underneath her sewing machine.  I will let you know how she liked it.


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