Saturday, December 8, 2012

Warm & Cozy is a Wrap

Check!  Item off my list! I have finally completed the Warm & Cozy quilt.  Not that I didn't enjoy working on it but after coming down with the flu I'm very, very behind schedule.

As I promised in my November 15 post, the recipient would be revealed when the quilt was done.   W - w - e - e - l - l - l, the recipient of the quilt is my husband's boss, Steve.  We're thanking him for providing such awesome contacts during the renovation of the attic - now sewing studio.  This was my idea because if it weren't for his contacts, the process wouldn't have been as time saving, and also because I truly appreciate my new sewing space and am very thankful to those who contributed--directly or indirectly.

So here it is: 

The quilt now includes rust colored strips within the border to give it a slight punch of color.  I like it a lot better with that added touch.

And the label was designed to reflect one of  Steve's interests, which is shooting and hunting (but not so much now?).  As you can see, I blanket stitched the label on.

 And here is a full view of the backing showcasing the center print panel of green and rust.  I mixed it up with a wide grey/black/cream striped border for added interest.  I really like the binding though, which picks up the grey, black, and off white throughout the entire quilt.

My husband and I will be giving it to Steve this weekend, if we can catch him at home.  I just love surprises.

Okay back to the sewing machine.


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